• Sales - Alfisti Motorsports buys and sells classic vintage Alfa Romeo automobiles for resale, consignment and restoration. Trades welcome.

• Parts - Alfisti Motorsports represents many of the high quality lines like Alfaholics, OS Giken, Koni, Traqmate, ATL fuel cells, Braille batteries etc.

• Performance - Whether you want to enhance your fast road, track day car or a full blown race car. If you want to go faster than other Alfa’s... Alifisti Motorsports is your destination.

If you want more power, better gearing, braking and handling we can supply you with the parts or do the work in our race shop in Central IL.

If you really want to go really fast, we can help you develop a dependable Alfa that will out accelerate, out handle and out brake all others.

We offer several levels of upgrades for the 2.0L engine, transmission, differential, suspension, brakes etc. or can rebuild your present car or a complete new project from scratch.

Service - Specializing in 750, 101 & 115 Alfa Romeos.

Restoration - High quality restoration work on GTV 1750/2000 & Spiders and very knowledgable on Giulietta/Giuila Alfa Romeos. We can get the car done correctly and at a lesser cost in Central IL than most metropolitian cities. Most of all we can get the work done in a reasonable time period. Our own Giulietta Spider Veloce was awarded first place at the AROC national concours at Lexington, KY.